ZJU Social Network

ZJU Social network is my graduation project in Zhejiang University. It is an iOS app designed to help students in college to get to know each other by discussing problems, starting and joining projects,  or friend-match online.

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database design at a glance

App’s design, programming, and backend implement is totally done by my own. The backend uses Node-JS and mySQL, with Ali-Cloud solution.

With little ads in school’s BBS, the app once reached thousands visits(login with other activities) per day.



Lonely Trek

Lonely Trek is my team’s entry during Global Game Jam 2015, The goal is to make a game within 2 days.

It is a real-time survival game created in Global Game Jam 2015. A spaceship is at millions light-year away from Earth. They want to go back to Earth. So the journey starts. To successfully arrive Earth safely, you need to collect three different resources during travelling by landing on different planets. When travelling in the space, pay attention on your route and be careful to the dangerous black-holes.

I was the lead programmer, gameplay programmer of the project.


Penguinvania is the final Round of ETC’s building virtual Worlds. The project took three weeks using PS Move and PC as its platform.

Penguinvania is a four player party game, players use PS Move to bump into each other to get as many fish as they can.

It’s also part of ETC Festival 2014.


X-Tune is the product of ETC’s lighting Round. The goal is to make a world in one week with a chosen platform.

X-tune is a rhythm experience based on Google’s Tango project. Player holds Tango and walk around to touch the music ball while enjoying the music.

I was the gameplay and music rhythm analyse programmer during the project.

Wonderland Adventure

Wonderland Adventure is my 2nd ETC project. The goal is to make a game using Oculus Rift and PSMove to create a open world without direct hint inside the game.

It is a first-person puzzle solving game, player plays as Alice, who controls a hairdryer and a lollipop to interact with the objects inside the world to solve puzzles and finally awake from her dream.

Baby Baby Baby OHHHHHH!!

Baby Baby Baby OHHHHHH!! is my first team project at ETC, The aim of the project is to design a game based on Kinect (A platform capture player’s body movement) in two weeks.

The game encourages player to move their body to interact with the environment inside the game and solve puzzles using gestures.

I am the programmer of the game, taking charge of platform programming and gameplay programming.

The game won the Microsoft Student GameOn Contest 2015.

Jiuguo Stream

Jiuguo Stream is a video stream app designed to help gamers watch famous Chinese game players play games like DOTA2, LOL and leave comments to interact with each other. The app provides a platform for gamers to communicate with their favorite gamers in an interesting and unique way: Their comments will instantly show inside the video and become part of the video, and viewed by other viewers and the player himself.

I am the programmer of the app, while I was in my last year in my undergraduate, working in a startup company(as one of the first 7 people starting the company), the project is maintained my the company now and you can see it here: